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    Oldenburg Bicycle Challenge

    Win free gifts for your sustainable trips

    for your sustainable mobility!

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    Oldenburg Bicycle Challenge

    Who makes the most trips by bike?

    Take up the challenge and cycle along!

Join our Challenge

Win great rewards in different challenges while you do something for the environment and your health at the same time.

Track your own progress, such as the kilometres you ride and the CO2 reduction

Earn points (Ciclos) for your environmentally friendly kilometers, which you can exchange for discounts and exclusive gifts

Compete in the ranking with the other participants

Take part in our research project: The app records cycling data about cycling behavior in Oldenburg. From the anonymized data important insights can be gained about the existing cycling infrastructure in Oldenburg and for future infrastructure planning. More information: BITS

Challenge 3: Start the new year by bike!

1st January - 14th February

Start the new year with good resolutions! Do something for your health and the climate! <<Burn calories and reduce CO2>>

Cycle at least 100 km between January 1st and February 14th and take part in the raffle for great prizes!

You will also earn points (Ciclos) for every sustainable kilometer travelled, which you can redeem for discounts and exclusive gifts.

The fourth Challenge starts on February 15th Take part and win great prizes!

How to take part

How can you take part in the Oldenburg Bicycle Challenge?

Step 1: Sign up for the challenge

It will only take a few seconds, click here, to go to the registration from.

Step 2: Download the Ciclogreen app to track your activity

Download the Ciclogreen app to track your activity here, available for Android or iOS).

Step 3: Cycle!

Cycle! Track your cycling with the Ciclogreen app to collect points (''Ciclos'') for every kilometer, check your position in the ranking and beat the challenge to win fantastic rewards.

You can

Everyone is talking about climate change and pollution in cities - get active and get on your bike and cycle for a better urban climate.

Sign up by the following form:

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If you have already signed up to Ciclogreen, log in using this form:

Oldenburg Bicycle Challenge

Together we are unbeatable! The statistic shows the number of kilometers cycled by all participants. How many kilometers can we cover together in one year?






kg CO2 saved


Beat the challenge and receive one of our gifts

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1 x SCHÖFFEL men T-Shirt to the value of 49,95€
1 x SCHÖFFEL ladies T-Shirt to the value of 49,95€

UP climbing center

Exchange 300 Ciclos for a 15% discount on a day ticket climbing in the UP climbing center in Oldenburg!

Kä the Cafe

o Exchange 500 Ciclos for 25% on food and drinks at Käthe Kaffee Oldenburg!
o Exchange 300 Ciclos for 15% on food and drinks at Käthe Kaffee Oldenburg!

World shop

o Exchange 200 Ciclos for a 10% discount on the assortment of the Weltladen Oldenburg!

Rubio - unpacked in Oldenburg

Exchange 200 Ciclos for a 10% discount on an unpackaged shopping from Rubio!

Tool box

o Exchange 300 Ciclos for a 20% discount on a one-day tool hire!
o Exchange 200 Ciclos for a 10% discount on a one-day tool hire!

Digging boys

Exchange 300 Ciclos for a 10% discount on the Buddel Jungs assortment!

Veggiemaid am damm shop & café

o Exchange 100 Ciclos for a free drink with your meal!
o Exchange 150 Ciclos for a 5% discount on an unpackaged purchase!

Follow our statistics in real time

Challenge 2: Bad weather Challenge

Participants: 332
Bike: 53535
CO2 savings: 13366

Statistics on the Challenge 1: Keep it fit through fall



Total Challenge 1



Total Challenge 1

CO2 savings


Total Challenge 1

The research project Bicycles and Intelligent Transportation Systems (BITS)

The project Bicycle and Intelligent Transportation Systems (BITS) is a European project within the framework of Interreg B to promote bicycle mobility and the development of a central bicycle database for Europe (project duration: 01.01.19 - 31.03.2022). The Interreg B project BITS aims to improve the attractiveness, safety, comfort and convenience of cycling through the use of ITS systems.

A main goal is to increase bicycle use (+10%) and thereby reduce CO2 emissions (-9%). Furthermore, anonymous bicycle data will be analysed and exchanged in order to gain a better insight into the needs of cyclists. The Oldenburg Bicycle Challenge is a pilot of BITS.

The BITS project is carried out in cooperation with cities, municipalities and private partners from Denmark, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Cooperation partners are the Province of Overijssel, the Province of Antwerp, Zwolle, Bruges, ERYC, Aarhus, Cycling Industries Europe, Vives University and the University of Oldenburg. More information about the project can be found at https://northsearegion.eu/bits/ 

The Oldenburg Bicycle Challenge is part of the BITS project. In our pilot focuses on Lower Saxony. We are implementing a gamification approach that involves the use of an app to collect cycling data which can be used to improve the infrastructure. The app is used to collect data on kilometers travelled, average speed, and CO2 reduction compared to car use. By organizing competitions and rewards, we would like to motivate the citizens of Oldenburg to move in a sustainable way and make an active contribution to climate protection. At the same time there is the possibility to participate in an innovative research project and to make an important contribution to bicycle mobility in Oldenburg.

Data protection in the project

The bicycle data will be anonymized and analyzed by the University of Oldenburg as part of the research project. Because data protection is very important to us, we as mein-dienstrad.de have no access to personal data, but only to anonymized and prepared data. Also, the winners of the prices will not be contacted by us, but by our cooperation partner, the app provider Ciclogreen.

Baron mobility service gmbh is one of them mein-dienstrad.de one of the leading providers in the field of bicycle leasing since 2012. The company supports employers and employees in carrying out company bike leasing, advises on the selection of company bikes and offers comprehensive insurance cover. Bicycle leasing strengthens employee loyalty and motivation, sets incentives for more frequent use of the bicycle on the way to work and offers a sustainable alternative to the car. In order to make cycling more attractive overall with the help of digital innovations, the company works closely with various stakeholders in research projects.

Contact persons for the BITS project:

Zora Becker
Project Manager
E-Mail zora.becker@baronmobil.com
Tel.: (+49)44155077934

Kyra Pelzner
Project Manager
E-Mail kyra.pelzner@baronmobil.com
Tel.: (+49)441550077935